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Date : 03/28/13

Thank you Charity Folks for an unforgettable Mother/Daughter memory! Our 2 days of "all access" to the 2013 Grammy's was a dream come true! We felt like true VIP's being able to hang out by the Red Carpet as the stars were arriving and then watch the show from backstage! My daughter and I will never forget that special experience together! Thank you Kelly!

- Pam B.
Date : 02/15/13

My son and I had a great time out in Portland on the set of GRIMM. On Friday morning we met David Giuntoli and saw the stages that they use and then around 5:00 drove out to watch them film for about 6 hours. It was a great experience and everyone was very friendly and accommodating. It was well worth it.

- Brian S.
Date : 02/12/13

Just wanted you to know what a fantastic time we had! Karl Rove couldn't have been more friendly, charming and down to earth. It was awesome.Thanks for making it possible!

- Leslie P.
Date : 11/26/12

We had a wonderful time. Carrie Ann was great!

- Deborah M.
Date : 11/26/12

We had a wonderful time. Bruno was great!

- Deborah M.
Date : 11/24/12

Thanks so much for the incredible seats you arranged for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. They were fantastic and the kids really enjoyed the parade (and I hate crowds so this was a much better venue to see it as well). Thanks again for putting it together for me.

- Gerald B.
Date : 11/17/12

The Arrested Development Walkon role went amazingly. It was such a special experience for me. Thanks for all of your help getting it set up. Everyone from the Arrested Development team was incredible. Thanks again for everything.

- Josh M.
Date : 11/08/12

Last night we attended Justin Bieber’s concert, thanks to Charity Folks, and it was an amazing night! We had INCREDIBLE seats and the girls love showing off their meet and greet picture to everyone they can find! I was able to give my daughters an awesome experience and give back at the same time. Thank YOU Kelly and Jasmin for this and Thank God for Charity Folks. Your company does so much good in this world and we need that.

- Sandra E.
Date : 11/03/12

Kelly, our experience at SNL last night was awesome. Tickets were perfect. I could not have imagined anything to be better. And Mr. King. What a delightful person. The personal tour was extraordinary. I cannot say thank you enough.

- Leland S.
Date : 10/25/12

Spending the day on the set of Up All Night was AMAZING. The crew was great and looked out for us from the moment we arrived. It was great to look behind the scenes and we felt very welcome by the director, crew and actors. We wanted to put an extra shout in for Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate. We were able to speak to them for a few minutes and they were extremely friendly and welcoming. Please share our thanks with the Up on Night folks and with Maya in particular for allowing us to invade their work space. As a fan of the show as well as of Maya's it was a thrill for us to meet her and visit the set. Thanks again Charity Folks!

- Tom H., Judy H., and Tom M.
Date : 10/19/12

Kelly and the staff at Charity Folks have outdone themselves yet again. My recent experience at the Gossip Girl Series Wrap Party was nothing less than extraordinary. Throughout the evening my sister and I were accompanied by Actor Billy Baldwin, who treated us like we were his own. He invited us to dinner with Actress Kelly Rutherford, and personally introduced us to every cast member on Gossip Girl, making sure we were constantly having a good time. The evening was truly a night to remember. Thanks so much to Kelly for going above and beyond to make it possible for my sister and I to experience evenings that one can truly only dream of!

- Audrey D.
Date : 07/20/12

Kelly....my wife and I returned last night from Dallas and the celebration of our grandson's 4th birthday. Without a doubt, the highlight was the Wiggles and The Meet & Greet. I wish I could properly convey to you the excitement and look on my grandson's face upon meeting all The Wiggles....a priceless experience worth more than money. You and your company are amazing!!! Your dedication and courteous treatment of potential clients is to be truly admired. You went out of your way to make this happen for me and my family and we will long remember with much fondness, all your extended courtesies. I never envisioned working with an organization that was so keen on satisfying customer's dream wishes with such a friendly, professional, and caring demeanor....What a fabulous organization you have. Fondest regards.

- Les N.
Date : 07/07/12

Ya, our seats were THAT GOOD! Chris Martin is singing “Talk” into my phone to my boyfriend. Are you kidding me?!? THANK YOU CHARITY FOLKS! Another night to remember…

- Audrey D.
Date : 05/25/12

I contacted Charity Folks with my "wish" to attend the Celebrity Apprentice finale. I had previously tried everything I could to find tickets, but had met with no success. On a whim, I decided the email the concierge at Charity Folks with my request. To my utter delight, a week or two later I received an email from her that she had managed to secure two tickets for me in my requested price range. Kudos to the hard-working staff at Charity Folks - they did a great job!
- Sherri D.
Date : 05/25/12

"Thanks, for a totally unbelievable Hawaii 5-0 experience. You and your staff went above and beyond to make my experience with the show much MORE that I could have ever hoped for. Our Saturday Night Live VIP package was incredible. We got to meet many cast member as well as others at the after party. What a night!! Kelly, you make it possible for people like me to experience events that I would never have been able to. I look forward to doing more things in the near future. Thank you again to you and your top notch staff!!!!!"

- Karl F.
Date : 03/09/12

thank you SO much for once again making my dreams come true. SNL was amazing. Was easily the biggest show of the season, and there were so many surprise guests I thought my heart was going to stop (especially for Alec Baldwin, I'm obsessed). Justin was nothing short of perfection, and he was hysterical.......and adorable. He did the court room scene near our section and before they went live my friend and I started frantically waving to get his attention...AND HE WAVED BACK! I died. I woke up Sunday with no voice and my face hurting from smiling too much. The tour with Don was incredible. He is one of the nicest people I've ever met. He toured us for an hour, answered all my Kristen Wiig questions and gave us all the scoop on the behind the scenes life at SNL. I'm going to send him a personal email as well, but he was truly amazing. I really appreciate all you do for my Dad and I, and this was definitely one of my favorite experiences. Thank you so much Kelly!!!!!!!!!

- Annie D.
Date : 03/30/11

Our experience at the Cleveland Jonas Brothers concert on was Extraordinary! Thank you for making it happen!

- Mary S.
Date : 03/30/11

Charity Folks has been a new source of income at a time when we have to be creative about fundraising. Many of our Charity Folks auction items have been purchased by the general public rather than our own patrons and donors, so we’ve tapped into an income source we would not otherwise have been able to access.

- Christine Bernardi, Reprise Theatre Company Managing Director.
Date : 03/30/11

Wow, wow. You did your job well. Michelle Bachmann’s office staff could not have been nicer. Our experience? Far more than we ever could have imagined. We gave to an awesome charity and received far more. What an amazing woman she is. Thanks!

- Carol F.
Date : 03/30/11

Thank you Charity Folks! Raven was wonderful!

- Sara K.
Date : 03/28/11

Jessica and her friends had an awesome time. This was definitely a lunch worth waiting for!

- Sara K.
Date : 02/12/13

Just wanted you to know what a fantastic time we had! Karl Rove couldn't have been more friendly, charming and down to earth. It was awesome.Thanks for making it possible!

- Leslie P.
Date : 03/22/11

Charity Folks has brought such light to the Monster Ball Tour. Kelly & her team have provided a seamless and positive experience – always managing to stay in touch and work with us – even with our tight schedules and crazy hours while on the road. Each person that Charity Folks connects with our tour is significantly improving the lives of countless people around the world. We will continue to work with Charity Folks in hope for a brighter future for those less fortunate.

- Troy Carter Founder, Chairman and CEO of Coalition Media Group, Worldwide Manager of Lady Gaga
Date : 03/22/11

What a great day we had on the set of Breaking Bad. Everyone was so gracious to us. It was a GREAT experience!

- Nancy K.
Date : 03/21/11

Thank you soooooooo much Charity Folks - we had the best time ever on the set of Castle :)

- Betty P.
Date : 03/21/11

It was wonderful to meet Dolly Parton - thank you!

- Tina M.
Date : 03/21/11

Thank you - I had a great time!

- Tina M.
Date : 12/28/10

Over the past few years Charity Folks and Kelly Fiore have given me opportunities that I could only dream about. Private tour of the set of 24, backstage and private meet and greets with Lady Gaga and The Glee cast, VIP tickets to the Teen Choice Awards, and ringing in the new year with Jay-Z and Coldplay at the Grand Opening of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas are just a few life changing experiences that Kelly Fiore has afforded me…and all while helping charity! Seriously, how cool does all of that sound already?

- Audrey D.
Date : 12/08/10

Fundraising has been tough this year. Small donors aren’t giving as much or as frequently and many foundations have frozen their support. In this environment, Charity Folks has become an integral part of our fundraising strategy. Our relationship with CF allows us to monetize the asset that is most readily available to us; our relationships in Hollywood. CF provides an invaluable service for non-profits and couldn’t be easier to work with. They are incredibly thorough, honest, accessible, and most importantly, reliable. I would unequivocally recommend them to any non-profit that needs a fundraising boost!

- Bill Thompson, Executive Director Young Storytellers Foundation
Date : 12/08/10

Kelly - Charity Folks Rocks! Thanks for your support...can't wait to see where we go next!

- Rachael Ray, Yum-o! Founder
Date : 12/08/10

Charity Folks has helped Shine Global greatly as it seeks both to raise fundes for its documentary films and social awareness about the plight of children in need worldwide.

- Susan MacLaury, Shine Global Co-Founder
Date : 12/08/10

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation would like to thank Charity Folks for their outstanding efforts and support during our 2010 auction which raised over one million dollars for the Foundation. We used these funds to provide college scholarship grants to the surviving children of special operations members who died in combat or training missions, as well as immediate financial assistance to the families of severely wounded special operations members. The superb performance of Charity Folks ensured resulted in an overwhelming successful auction!

- Steven L. McLeary, Executive Director & Major USAF (Ret), Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Date : 12/08/10

HeadCount works with artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Phish and Wilco to help make live music events a gateway to civic participation. With the help of Charity Folks and its community, and the proceeds we have raised in our auctions, HeadCount has deployed teams that have registered voters at thousands of concerts & events throughout the years, totaling more than 150,000 voters to-date! Thanks, Charity Folks!

- Andy Bernstein, Executive Director HeadCount
Date : 12/08/10

We used the proceeds of our auction to support an eye clinic in Kenya. Blindness in Kenya is 10 times more common than in the Western world with large numbers of people with conditions that could easily be reversed for low cost. Being personally blind or having a family member with that condition is a burden unimaginable. Returning sight to such people is a gift worth more than gold. A quote from one of our patients sums up perfectly what that gift means: “I was only a useless thing, I couldn’t cook or even help with the children. I was so depressed. Now I have a life again” Thanks, Charity Folks!

- Jess Atkins, Under the Acacia Founder
Date : 12/08/10

I just completed the experience with Ms. Lewis and Mr. Allen. I can't thank everyone enough for making this happen. I had such a good time, they went above and beyond my expectations.

- Michelle P
Date : 09/27/10

Thank you so much Charity Folks!! We loved being on the set of the United States of Tara and had a terrific day watching the behind the scenes action that goes into making a series. Everyone was so nice and we enjoyed meeting and talking to the stars of the show. It was a wonderful experience and we can't wait to see ourselves on the show when it airs!. We will surely be bidding on other great experiences on your site.

- Dana B.
Date : 03/08/10

Garth Brooks' show was amazing...he was so attentive! Trisha Yearwood was also there. She even came out to see us before having her makeup done - Garth took a photo of us with Trisha! They signed everything we put in front of them. We were with them up until two minutes before he went on. Geez. We are like a couple of kids! Thanks for all of your help in making this happen.

- Carol T.
Date : 10/08/09

Here's the pic from my backstage experience with Keith Urban. I am just to the right of him. A moment I'll never forget. He was awsome and so very, very sweet! Thanks for everything!

- Elaine B.
Date : 07/10/09

Here are my meet and greet pictures with the Jonas Brothers! Thank you so much for getting us the passes! That was definitely the best day of my life! It made my summer for sure!

- Ron H
Date : 03/18/09

Dream Come True! Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in putting together the luncheon with Roma Maffia on the set of Nip/Tuck. You always go out of your way and I really appreciate all your efforts in making sure everything goes seamlessly. It was an incredible day and we met with some really amazing people. Roma is such a talented, giving and gracious woman. She made us feel like we were the celebrities! It was a dream come true and better than anything we could ever have imagined. I can't wait to see what comes up next at CharityFolks!

- Laura and Jason C.
Date : 03/07/09

Terrific Time With The Hamills! I just wanted to thank you for arranging our meeting with Mark Hamill and his wife, Marilou. Everything fell into place perfectly last Saturday, and my girlfriend and I had a terrific time with the Hamills. They are both extremely down to earth, and we had a great conversation with them. For me, it was the realization of my childhood dream to meet a "hero" and have him be so gracious to us.

- Art L.
Date : 12/17/08

Charity Folks answers a need faced by non-profits struggling to maximize very limited resources. The support provided by their knowledgeable staff is nothing less than amazing. The success of each and every auction is vertually guaranteed because of the care and thought Charity Folks provides each of its clients. We are so happy with their services and we recommend them to other non profits at every opportunity.

- Merrily Newton, CFO Entertainment Industry Foundation
Date : 08/28/08

Thanks again Charity Folks...the seats were awesome, front row center. You guys are truly the best!

- Betty P.
Date : 04/17/08

Oh, WOW! We had the most AMAZING time yesterday on the set of SVU. Everyone was really nice--no--beyond nice. They sought us out and spoke to us--all of them. We stayed all day, and they even put us in the background of a scene. I am hard pressed to think of a better day. Mariska was an absolute delight and pleasure. Christopher Meloni was a riot. Diane Neal even sought us out when we were in wardrobe to make sure that we got a picture taken with her. Meredith, a PA there, made sure that our every need was met. After we met the cast, Meredith went around later and had them sign head shots for us. Thanks for making this happen!

- Carol T.
Date : 11/09/07

Thank you for making my dream come true! I had the most amazing night of my life meeting Bruce Springsteen on my birthday and getting to share that experience with my family! Thank you Charity Folks!

- Pamela B.
Date : 12/30/06

Kelly and her team is nothing less than amazing! We have been working together on different projects for years and because of their dedication, attitude, work ethic, and ever constant support, we have been nothing but successful. Kelly is one of those people who puts their all into their business and it is an honor to recommend her and the Charity Folks team!

- Esquire Magazine